Isibaya: The prodigal son

26 July 2015
Isibaya: The prodigal son Image : 545

Jabu showed up at the Zungu homestead, determined to stop running from the father he’s angered and the family he loves. He was met by his father, who was breathing fire, and threatened to whip him. He didn't, but hardened his heart towards him, banishing him to sleep in the chicken coop and eat like the servants. His determination to make right with his family kept him at home; he swore to his father that he was determined to change. Mostly cold, hungry and ostracised from his family, he relented.

Zweli told Mpiyakhe that he could relate to Jabu and what he was going through. Growing up, he appreciated all his father did for him, but all he really wanted was for his father to be there for him; attend his soccer games, his graduation. That thawed Manzini's heart and he agreed to let Jabu back into the homestead, but living in the herders' quarters until he'd earned his trust again.

He hadn't forgotten about Melusi's punishment, which he had to choose himself. He was sent straight to boarding school.

It seemed Samson and Nkabinde would get away with their trickery, until Siphokazi and Mancwane grew suspicious of the unknown sangoma and his alleged message from the ancestors, warning her not to move the family's graves. Sihle and Qondi got on the case, and found out the alternative route runs through land owned by relatives of Samson Ndlovu, who would be in a position to benefit financially from the Bhubesini highway running through their land.

It became apparent that Khanyi had been listening in on conversations at the lodge and telling her husband everything. Confronted by Zweli, she took her annoyance out on Sihle, telling her she'd lose friends if she continued acting like a princess before she became one.

Shadrack has a girlfriend, and after sneaking around for a bit, made their relationship public. Lerato seemed to accept her dad's new-found love life, but it seems Doris is a little...bossy.

Nkabinde and Samson's plan seemed to finally start working. The ring he gave Sbu to give Thandeka seemed to emit dark energy, and after putting it on, Thandeka felt instantly lightheaded. What could be their plan?

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