Isibaya: The art of keeping a secret

13 September 2015
Isibaya: The art of keeping a secret Image : 613

This week uQondi walked a a tight rope of love and she pulled the act off quite remarkably if we do say so ourselves. The brave gal married inkosi uBhekifa not for love but rather to save her loved one’s. She sacrificed her own happiness and that of Fezile’s at the altar of life and death.

But for Fezile, it didn’t seem as noble. He felt betrayed. In fact it was this very rejection that led him to danger, shot and nearly killed in a careless Shebeen altercation. A good Samaritan found him collapsed from a gushing wound, ezintabeni zaseBhubesini and secretly gave uQondi the news of his whereabouts.

She bravely seeks him out all the while lying kumyeni wakhe omusha about her activities. How do you reckon she’ll take it?

Meanwhile uZungu noMkabayi continue to question just how Samson landed the seat of chair at the UTA. They implicate him in the gun-smuggling scandal and murder of uGogo Mkhithi. Bhekifa offers to help him out of his problems while he shockingly enlists Iris as the new member of the association. Will the members accept her?

Someone’s been tickling uThandeka’s fancy at the office and while uSbu tries, could he be set to compete for her attention now?

Lerato learns that Doris is back in her father’s life and she is far from impressed. Will she come around?