Isibaya: Testing times

26 October 2015
Isibaya: Testing times Image : 679
It’s one thing to make a promise. It’s quite entire story sticking to it. While commitment, of any sort, may look good on the outside, it takes hard work to carry it all the way through.

Thandeka and Sbu’s are learning these particular lessons about their marriage. But it isn’t just their commitment that’s being tested, it’s Zweli’s too. His commitment to his chieftaincy eBhubesini.

Thandeke and Sbu have been put through one trial after the other, recently. If it isn’t Sbu’s family dropping by unannounced, all the way from eKwaZulu, it’s the insecurities that Thandeka’s colleague Don seems to have introduced into the marriage. But it Don really the problem here?

Either way, it was after oGatsheni’s most uncomfortable visit that the newly-weds decided it was high time they move from the Protea house – which still belonged to the Zungu’s – to their own house. But before they could even take the conversation further, they found Mpiyakhe perched over a newspaper in the dining room.

It was clearly only the beginning of Sbu’s troubles, as he became the receptacle for Mpiyakhe’s constant threats. If he wasn’t being shoved and throttled against the wall by him, he was being reprimanded like an orphan. It was clearly a bad a idea bringing his father, Mpiyakhe’s sworn enemy, emagcekeni wakwaZungu.

But wasn’t it his house too?

Back eBhubesini, the royal council, or rather one shrewd member of the council, was undermining Zweli’s leadership as the chief. Ngwebedla showed himself up not only as a sexist bigot but also as an ageist who wants only push his own corrupt agenda.

After criticising Zweli’s every move he crossed the line when he suggested that Sihle was not a suitable wife for him. While this almost pushed Zweli over the edge, he was reminded of his good work.

He soon made it clear, that he wasn’t going to tolerate Ngwebedla’s interference by handing over the title of chairman to MaMthembu, teaching the shrewd old man a lesson.

Will Thandeka and Sbu rise above their obstacles like Zweli did?