Isibaya: Heads will roll

03 February 2016
Isibaya: Heads will roll Image : 810
The death of a chief is no ordinary thing. If it isn’t the cops and officials asking questions, It’s council members and the royal court staking their claims. As the incoming chief, Zweli is faced with one challenge after the other. All of this on top of mourning the death of a father who betrayed him.

Tricky may sum it up, but it gets worse. Sovereignty comes with influence, power and prestige. This makes the throne quite sort after. Many have opinions about who’s more deserving and who isn’t. The traditionalists of the valley have never accepted Zweli as good enough.

Not good enough

Coming from a different kind of upbringing, raised in the city, the chief’s son is much more a modern man than is expected. An accommodating and kind leader, some of the members of the council view him as weak and wet behind the ears. Too removed from their way of doing things. He believes in his own free will; in his right to carve out his own path despite being of royal blood.

There are rules and regulations and Ngwebedla will do anything to uphold them. Purely because they serve him and oppress everyone else; from women to children to younger people to workers, and even the Zungus. According to this wayward member of the council, Zweli is simply unfit to be the next chief. He thinks even less of his Sihle as his choice in a partner.

Succesion wars

All the while Nkabinde is waiting in the reigns, having worked his magic on the chief’s spirit. It looks like Zweli’s succession isn’t going to be a smooth ride. But does he even want it bad enough?

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