Isibaya: Split in love

22 July 2016
Love lives here. But sometimes it isn’t as easy as the long songs make it out to be.
Isibaya: Split in love Image : 1032

Love lives here. But sometimes it isn’t as easy as the long songs make it out to be. Many times, it may live here, but it changes rooms, rearranges the furniture. Other times it packs an overnight bag, locks up and takes a break. Because, as the song goes, even lovers need a holiday.

So then, it gets tricky when, like Jabu and Sbu you fall for another while committed to your Iris or Thandeka.

With all the odds stacked against the idea, Jabu chose Iris. His own father’s ex-wife, a woman older than he and the enemy of his family, he still leapt in heart first because, love. The couple have forged against the wind, hand-in-hand on the fast lane of dangerous love. Always having one another’s backs Like Bonnie and Clyde.

And then Zama happened. The Nwenya princess shimmied as young, bubbly and wild as ever, and she seems to have peaked his interest. Try as he may, he cannot resist her allure. But does this mean he no longer loves Iris?

On the other side of home eBhubesini. Sbu and Thandeka’s love is going through the most. Or is Thandeka rather, that’s facing the worst? A humble doting that also had its fair share detractors, these two were a match made after our own hearts.

But soon enough, the rose tinted sunglasses came off and their differences stung like harsh rays. A city girl clashed with her husband from emakhaya.

This is where Mabuyi comes in. What is Sbu to do when he falls for a high school sweet heart, because she is simply more compatible and better loved by his family? Does this mean he loves Thandeka any less?

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