Isibaya: Sex, drugs and money

17 November 2015
Isibaya: Sex, drugs and money Image : 709

Back from the underworld of drug addiction, surely Jabu knew that the trade went hand in hand with the culture of a night club? Having escaped that world however, Jabu took on the role at Club Sheba oblivious to it’s trapping. He certainly didn’t expect that his past would come creeping back. But it has.

There is one good thing that seems to coming out of all of this though, it’s his relationship with Iris. The Queen to his Club Sheba King. In a couple of weeks the couple has gone from hiring a new staff member to managing her overdose to dealing drugs to killing a dealer and right back to dealing again.

Who knew Iris had it in her to kill?! I mean we know she’s ruthless but murder? Not only that but it seems to have breathed a new sense of drive in her. She’s certainly been bit by the risk-taking bug in her chase for power and money.

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Partners in crime, lust and possibly love, Jabu and Iris are taking the biggest bull by it’s horn after going into bed with Pope. Pope, who is rumoured to be a much bigger deal than his predecessor, the slain Juice.

In a big bad underworld like this, who is going to reveal themselves as the weakest link, Jabu, Iris or Pope?

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