Isibaya: Save her!

17 December 2015
Isibaya: Save her! Image : 755
Things are not getting easier for Qondi. The more she settles into her role as the queen of eBhubesini, the more unsettling she finds her marriage to Bhekifa to be. Trapped in a loveless marriage with little escape save for her secret phone calls and meetings with Fezile, the girl is stuck. Let’s not forget how it all went down.

When Nqobile, the journalist, asked him about his love story with Qondi, Bhekifa sold her a lie. It was not, as he painted the picture, love at first sight. It was not idyllic nor was it romantic. Qondi was threatened with the death of her loved ones in exchange for her hand in marriage. She continues to live a life under siege - in private - dressed up as a royal fairytale on the outside.

Everyday is a reminder that the fate of her family, abakwaZungu, hangs in the balance, If she doesn’t stick to the deal. Everything considered, can we blame Qondi for her actions?

Her secret world, however, seems to be caving in, as more people pierce its cautious confines. First it was Sihle who overheard a suspect conversation that undlunkulu was having over the phone. Led by her own agenda – and a strong shot of bitterness - Sihle marched over to Bhekifa and sold Qondi down the river.

When he ruthlessly searched her belongings for the secret phone, it was her lady in waiting, Ma’Ruth, who saved her neck.

My lady

Too stubborn and stifled to see this as a sign, the queen, once again, put herself in danger. This time around, it was her beloved Fezile who threw himself on the line to rescue her.

Through thick and thin

Deep in trouble she needed another lifeline as she called Thandeka. The Zungus had all but shunned her. Judging her for turning her back on them.

It was all for family

But with the truth finally come out here, can the Zungus pull Qondi away from Bhekifa's cruel grip?

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