Isibaya review: What have you done?

13 July 2015
Isibaya review: What have you done? Image : 525
Iris just won't stop punishing Pam for her deception. Try as she did to redeem herself and claim her spot back as Iris' right hand woman, Iris would not cut her any slack, quickly replacing her with Kaone and banishing Pam to scrubbing floors and cleaning fridges. Bright eyed and ambitious Kaone lapped it up, but her promotion was short lived. After Mandelic took an interest in her and she was caught flirting at an important event, Iris fired her. Pam reclaims her spot.

Tensions are high at Bhubesini when the farmers refuse to play dead and allow the new highway to cut through their farms. Only two options exist now: have the highway cut through the east of the valley, which would costly and a difficult operation, or cut through the west, and also through sacred burial ground where Mpiyakhe's ancestors lie. Zweli decides the most beneficial solution would be to have the highway cut through the Mdletshe land, which Mpiyakhe met with fierce opposition. After all, disturbing the sleeping ancestors will bring dire consequences.

After a long absence, Mandla Ndlovu is back in Bhubesini, with vague and non-committal stories of where he's been. Will Samson embrace his brother's return? Will he start treating him as more of an equal and less of a lackey?

Jabu's battle with drugs rages on, and Melusi is right in the middle of it. After Thandeka imposed a condition on his going to play at the club, he took a drug test and passed. But the weed was still in his system, so how did he pass? After a successful night at the club and the family singing his praises, Jabu came back to a gut wrenching sight. Melusi, bored and home because he was not allowed to go with to the club, took some of Jabu's cocaine and overdosed. Jabu found him unconscious and frothing at the mouth. Is Melusi dead? How will the family react to this?