Isibaya Review: Up to no good

22 March 2015
Isibaya Review: Up to no good Image : 354

The past week saw Iris on a serious mission that kept her on her toes! Poor Pammy had no choice but to be an accomplice. Should we actually feel sorry for her or is she happily and willingly helping Iris? The two took advantage of Mpiyakhe's absence as he took a trip down to eBhubesini with Thandeka, Qondi and Fezile.

Thandeka and her father visited her mother's grave and spoke to the spirit of their loved one. It was a touching moment when Thandeka pleaded with her mother's spirit to shed light on their path as a family.

Whilst still at eBhubesini, Fezile and Qondi seemed to be warming up to each other. Although still playing coy, especially on Qondi's side, we could not miss the chemistry between them.

Whilst the Zungu's pray for light on their path, Bhekifa's prayer is to be on good terms with his son, Zweli. Through small gestures like asking him to join him in the court proceedings and telling him about his mother and the promises he made to her, Bhekifa plans to win his son over to his side. Zweli seemed to be slowly warming up to his father when his engagement with Simelane threw him off.

Bhekifa still has to explain to Samson what happened with what he asked him to do for him regarding the taxi route that he wanted back.

Will Iris eventually get what she is looking for without getting caught and before Mpiyakhe returns to Johannesburg?
UZweli yena? Will he warm up to being the next chief?

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