Isibaya Review: The power of a white goat

29 March 2015
Isibaya Review: The power of a white goat Image : 365

Poor little Alex was not getting any better. Phumelele took him to eBhubesini to Gogo M’khithi for closer examination. Both Mpiyakhe and Iris were required to speak to the ancestors and ask for forgiveness. Iris had to further bring a white goat for the ancestors as her symbol of an apology. After being conned by kaMajola and Mandla, she found one for a staggering R10 000!

Having made it to baby Alex’s ceremony, Iris was required to speak to the Zungu ancestors and ask for their forgiveness, detailing all the bad things that she has done. Watch her here:

On the other side of eBhubesini, Qondi went to the lodge to fetch her belongings. Bhekifa begged her to stay and to give him another chance. He went on his knees begging but Qondi did not want to here any of it. See the moment here:

Zwelibanzi told Bhekifa that he has decided that he would be chief and Bhekifa is relieved to have his son change his mind about becoming chief.

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