Isibaya Review: Sunday evades everybody

04 October 2014
Isibaya Review: Sunday evades everybody  Image : 75
Gogo Mkhithi made two trips to prison. The first was to confront Nkabinde and try and get some answers.

But alas, he was no longer there. She found herself faced with a Nkabinde that she has never seen before.

Her second trip, this time to see Ndlovu, yielded even more questions than answers. He demanded to see Mpiyakhe before he can talk; a request that was vehemently denied.

Meanwhile, Sunday’s whereabouts were still unknown. The Zungu’s were dispatching search parties to hunt him down while he was in his hideout, cooking spells that seem to have led him to some answers.

It had been brewing for a while and finally, Lerato and Mehl’mamba made their relationship official and even kissed for the first time.

Kodwa a surprise gift from S’khaleni, in the form of a lady called Candy, may have ruined things for their infant union. We will have to keep an eye on this to see if Mehl’mamba will be able to worm his way out of the situation.

Zweli’s taxi lessons continued while his enthusiasm for the industry also seemed to be deepening. Mandla even got him a gun; which he got really cosy with; even spending a whole weekend practising how to use it.

Melusi continued to give Qondi a hard time, even calling her a prostitute. He took it one step further, demanding that she move out of his home. Whether he is ever going to come out with the real reason he despises her is anyone’s guess.

The Ndlovu ownership taxi saga continued with MaNcwane spearheading the enquiry. Mandla was even given a deadline to produce the documents or his taxis are off the road. His insistence on handling things himself saw him get into a little scuffle with Khanyi, who thought it best to tell the chief. No one wants another blood bath between the Ndlovus and the Zungus after all.

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