Isibaya Review: Setting the cat among the pigeons

25 April 2015
Isibaya Review: Setting the cat among the pigeons Image : 422
All things standard, all things routine were turned on their head when Iris approached the unlikely Samson Ndlovu with a deal he couldn't pass up; she would finance a new taxi venture with him as partners. A woman scorned, determined and hell bent on getting her own back with her husband and all who had written her off, she made it clear to Samson that she wouldn't be a silent partner.

Lerato is feeling dissatisfied in her relationship with Mehlemamba, who she feels is banal and directionless. The more thrilling Tshepiso is more attractive to her, and the jilted Mehlemamba resorted to a love potion to win the heart of his lady back.

Zweli is on a moral mission to expose all his father's heinous crimes and bring him to book for them. Determined to get every last evil deed out of a tight-lipped Mbodla, he resorted to getting him drunk in order to loosen his tongue. Not having all his mental faculties about him, a drunk Mbodla spilled the beans on a murder he committed at Bhekifa's word, that resulted in Bhekifa being made chief of Bhubesini.

Zweli then tried to get a sober Mbodla to tell the king all he had told him the previous night. A scared Mbodla refused and pulled a gun on Zweli, which Bhekifa walked in on. Mbodla had no choice but to tell the chief what Zweli attempted to propose he do. A livid Bhekifa and an unrelenting Zweli got into a scuffle with a gun. It went off. Who got shot?