Isibaya review: Playing for keeps

19 April 2015
Isibaya review: Playing for keeps Image : 409
The Ndlovu brothers have united and are out to reclaim their glory, and their taxis, and will snuff out anybody who stands in their path. Delile was the first to feel the wrath of Samson and Mandla, and was shot dead by Bongani at their command, for daring to challenge Samson's methods.

Bongani was next on their list, when through a tip-off from Bhekifa, they were alerted that Bongani was a spy who had been seen talking to Detective Tony. He was attempting to flee, when the Ndlovu brothers found him, bound him, and discussed what punishment would be best for him over a meal.

Zweli seems to be playing all sides, volunteering information about Bongani to his father that reveals him as a spy, then warning Bongani and helping him flee.

Iris is caught in a tight corner. Bhekifa refused to help her win sole custody of Alexander, and with no one else to turn to, she entered into a devil's pact with Mpiyakhe, who agreed to give her a divorce settlement of one million rand, on condition that she leaves the lives of the Zungus, and Alexander, for good. But a mother's promise to Alexander was that she would come back for him someday.