Isibaya Review: Mandla takes centre stage

11 October 2014
It all began with an inquiry instigated by Mancwane, into the real owners of the Ndlovu taxis.
Isibaya Review: Mandla takes centre stage Image : 88

It all began with an inquiry instigated by Mancwane, into the real owners of the Ndlovu taxis.

Knowing that producing the ownership papers would reveal Bhekifa as the owner, Mandla tried to stall, telling the association that he needs some time to look for them in his messy office.

They gave him a deadline and as it grew closer, he grew anxious. Feeling cornered, he wanted to go shoot somebody.

Zweli however presented him with a solution that involved his father. This managed to calm him down, albeit for a while.

But all hell broke loose when Bongani showed up at the Gatsheni household, head bandage clad, claiming to have been attached by a “small boy with a gun.” This time, there was nothing Zweli could say to change a combat ready Mandla’s mind. A full blown confrontation ensued and shots were fired. Thanks to Blade, Zweli, Mandla and Bongani escaped with their lives, with the latter being shot in the arm.

At the end of the day, all the action Zweli experienced took a toll on him and he lost it, giving Mandla a piece of his mind.

A case of misinformation

The small boy in question was troublesome Melusi who stole his father’s taxi without anyone’s knowledge and drove it to their Jozi home. But he did not have a gun though; it was in fact his slingshot that saved him from a potentially very dangerous situation.

Even though he successfully managed to evade Bongani he could not do the same to a determined Ntandane who eventually delivered him to his parents.

In other news, Lerato and Mehlo’s infant romance took a knock when she found him in his room in a compromising position with a lady. Candy was sent to Mehlo by S’khaleni to take care of his ‘problem’ of never having been with a girl. After repeated pleas from Mehlo and an explanation from S’khaleni himself, Lerato softened her heart and forgave Mehl’mamba.

There are a lot of people who have a vested interest in the spell that binds Mpiyakhe and Mgijimi, all to achieve their own personal agendas. Sunday paid Khanyi a visit, strangled her but still could not get an answer out of her.

Gogo Mkhithi tricked Nldovu, managed to get his spit and through her visions saw that he has the spell. He got it from Khanyi who traveled to Johannesburg, specifically to deliver this precious gift to her husband. Realising how valuable it is, she suggests to him that they use it to blackmail Mpiyakhe to get a ‘get out of jail for free’ card for him.

Will Ndlovu agree to implement his wife’s plan? How would it work? Will Mpiyakhe play along? The answers to these questions lie in next week’s edition of Isibaya.

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