Isibaya review: Chickens come home to roost

14 June 2015
Isibaya review: Chickens come home to roost Image : 491
Jabu is back, and he's in a bad way. Shadrack accidentally let the news of his return slip to Sengwayo, who is livid. The secret of his return is out at Bhubesini, and as soon as MaNcwane found out, she made for Protea Glen immediately to see about her nephew. After an emotional reunion, MaNcwane was heartbroken to find out he was on drugs.

Isaac showed up at the Protea Glen house to offer to help Jabu purge himself of his drug addiction. Thandeka was initially reluctant, but she gave in, and Isaac began the journey of sobriety with Jabu; cold-turkey, and without the help of any rehab facility.

The Zungu wives, usually as thick as thieves, saw a rift develop between them when Siphokazi hatched a plan to catch Ntuli out selling alcohol to underage kids and record it, show it to the council, and prove herself the hero of the council. Things didn't go as swimmingly as she'd hoped, and Thokozani got hurt when a bar fight broke out. Phumelele was beyond angry at Phumelele for putting her child in danger.

Bhekifa had one of the Iris-Samson taxis set alight from hospital, sending a message to them as to who is in power. He demanded 50 per cent of their profits or else.

MaNcwane still doesn't trust Isaac, and wants Jabu sent to hospital to have his drug problem dealt with medically. Thandeka insisted she give Isaac a chance, but MaNcwane is letting him know is no uncertain terms that she didn't trust him.