Isibaya Review: Change is the order of the day in Isibayaville

27 September 2014
It's been an exciting Isibaya week and so much has happened.
Isibaya Review: Change is the order of the day in Isibayaville Image : 66
Phumelele seems to have assimilated quite easily into the Jozi lifestyle.

This week we said good-bye to village Pinafores clad Phumelele and said hello to one who now spots a modern, sleek wardrobe.

The new Phumelele had Mpiyakhe so exited that she scored herself a romantic dinner date.

Under Mandla’s tutelage, Zweli got some taxi business lessons that not doubt tested his character and taught him some valuable lessons. Feeling enthusiastic, he got Mandla a laptop in an effort to modernize their data capturing methods. But boy did things blow up in his face when Mandla got frustrated with the laptop and struck two bullets into the screen, leaving Zweli flabbergasted.

It wasn’t his last encounter with a gun for the week. Somahashi Junior, as Mandla affectionately likes to call Zweli, found himself caught in the middle of a brawl, which saw him stare death right in the face! Mandla also took it upon himself to teach Zweli a thing or two about guns, even giving him one.

The change waves continued to sweep through Isibayaville as Lerato took some bald steps. She ditched her black mourning clothes, got a sales job and edged closer to Mehl’mamba. Is it too soon for her or just the right time? Should she have gone to school instead? Will she end up being the woman who Mehl’mamba will be with for the first time?

While Lerato was picking up the pieces and heading uphill, S’khaleni was seemingly headed in the opposite direction. As a result of his over boozing, he missed work; alienating Ntandeni who got a knock out punch for insisting that he snap out of his destructive ways.

A growing Melusi also experienced changes of his own, albeit not in a positive way. After eavesdropping on a conversation between Mancwane and Qondi about the latter’s encounter with his father, he be began to overtly disrespect her. After a tongue lashing from Siphokazi, his rudeness subsided and he even bought her a gift.

Last to be swept by the waves of change was the Ndlovu and Nkabinde sharing a cell at Sun City prison situation. Mpiyakhe was making phone calls to prison authorities to separate the two, unaware that with the assistance of a concoction containing Ndovu’s blood, nails and pubic hair, Nkabinde was now at an unidentified location. Will his scheming resuscitate the now presumably subdued Mgijimi?

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