Isibaya review: A man must do what a man must do

10 May 2015
Isibaya review: A man must do what a man must do Image : 443
Thandeka and Sbu are back in South Africa, and with both being jobless, they have to live in Mpiyakhe's house. This was especially hard on Sbu, who's feeling the pressure to provide a home for his wife and provide for her.

Thandeka suffered an onslaught of questions from her mothers, asking when she intends to bear Sbu children. She insisted their growing their family was something far off.

Back in Bhubesini, there was trouble at the council when Ngwebendla ruffled everybody's feathers by making controversial, unpopular decisions when he stood in for the injured Bhekifa. This prompted Zweli to take action, and as the rightful heir to the chieftaincy, take up his place as acting chief. Watch it here:

Iris is intent on calling the shots in her partnership with Samson, who, used to having his own way, hastily dissolved it. KaMajola spoke harshly with her husband, letting him know that he needs Iris.

Samson finally came face-to-face with his estranged son, and the awkward moment resulted in Samson driving away without speaking to Sbu.

Iris and Samson's fleet of taxis finally arrived, and the two were in a celebratory mood. However, all is not rosy between the partners as Samson consulted with Nkabinde, seemingly wanting muti to have Iris pushing up daisies.