Isibaya Review: A gentleman's agreement

24 May 2015
Isibaya Review: A gentleman's agreement Image : 470
"What a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive." Lerato learnt first hand what this means when she got caught in her own lie, after spinning the web around herself over and over. Choosing to keep it from her father that she'd lost her job from her father, she continued to pretend she was going in every day, until her father called work looking for her, and the truth was revealed.

Having the opportunity to come out with the truth, she continued to entangle herself and spun a story about a retrenchment, which "noble" cause Shadrack chose to take up to ensure her daughter had proper recourse. When the truth came to light, Lerato broke her father's heart.

Ding-Ding found himself in a precarious position when his sly behaviour was found out and he found himself booted out of the Zungu yard.

Thandeka and Sbu got a considerable wedding gift from Mpiyakhe; nothing less than the mansion Thandeka grew up in. Purposing to keep his daughter safe in a secure house, Mpiyakhe packed his things and declared his intention to return to Bhubesini indefinitely. Thandeka was overjoyed, but his pride couldn't let Sbu feel the same way. He refused the gift, wanting to buy Thandeka a home himself, and it became a tug of war between the newlyweds.

Eventually, Sbu and Mpiyakhe met at the negotiating table, where Sbu offered to buy the house from Mpiyakhe, as opposed to getting what he thought was a handout.

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