Isibaya Review: 26 - 30 January 2015

02 February 2015
This is what happened on Isibaya this week.
Isibaya Review: 26 - 30 January 2015 Image : 256

After being in hiding, Mbodla finally made his presence known, subsequently throwing a wrench in Blade and Bhekifa’s relationship after former requested a meeting.

As expected, Bhubesini is abuzz following Mbodla's return. KaMajola and Qondi could not be left behind and have convinced themselves Mbodla just might be a zombie. “If it happened to Mpiyakhe, it can happen to anyone”.

Fezile and MaNcwane are not seeing eye-to-eye too, after "isalukwazi" sent Bhekumuzi on a secret errand, without notifying him. Fezile then swiftly notified Mpiyakhe about Ncwane’s strange behaviour. How long will Mkabayi manage to keep her secret from her brother?

During Sithole’s memorial service, the Zungu matriarch slipped away without being noticed and planted herself in Bhekifa’s office. After rummaging through his drawers, she found Sithole’s wallet. Can she put two and two together and catch the old man’s murderers?

Melusi found himself in trouble after fighting one of his classmates. Luckily, Mpiyakhe let him get away with it. It would seem Melusi is not enjoying life in Jozi. As soon as his mother was preparing to return to Bhubesini, he also wanted to go back with her. Could S’khaleni and his taxi have anything to do with it?

Speaking of S’khaleni, take a look at what he and Ntandane have been up to.

Mandla’s search for Nkabinde finally yielded the desired results. This, in effect, means the Zungus are in for one hell of a ride, should Ndlovu succeed in getting his hands on a few potions.

Following his unfortunate shooting, Ngwebedla has lost his memory. This has further infuriated Mkabayi, who is hell-bent on bringing the culprits to book.

Blade and Bhekifa’s relationship finally disintegrated, resulting in Blade packing his bags and leaving Bhubesini. The chief didn’t seem too bothered by this, but could it be his pride getting in the way?