Isibaya Review: 11- 15 January 2014

18 January 2015
Mystery shootings, awkward friendships and trouble in paradise.
Isibaya Review: 11- 15 January 2014 Image : 226
It certainly has been a tough week for uMehlemamba. After taking time off his busy schedule to write Lerato a love letter, uRatos returned the letter – and it was full of corrections. Ewu!

Qondi intervened in yet another court case and surprisingly, Sithole took her advice. Have these two buried the hatchet and can they finally work in harmony? Her suitor, uSomahhashi, on the other hand finally allowed Blade to finish off Ngwebedla, after a bit of convincing of course. Unfortunately, the incident infuriated Mkabayi, who thinks Ndlovu is behind the shooting. As such, she has vowed to exact revenge.

Meanwhile, Mandla was more than happy to take all the credit, despite not having pulled the trigger.

Melusi was shipped off to a brand new school in Johannesburg and as soon as he got there, he made a new friend. MaMnisi made sure to regale the young man with stories about her late husband.

Iris’ water finally broke at the most unlikeliest of moments. Luckily, uS’khaleni and his trusted taxi were on hand.

After the chief had finally declared the war over, Mandla and Bongani decided to take advantage of Ngwebedla’s absence and got back to business. During celebrations that included copious amounts of meat and beer, an unlucky Mandla was shot by an unknown assailant. Kwanzima!

The drama continues this week on Isibaya. Find out if Mandla is dead, tomorrow at 20:30, only on Mzansi Magic!