Isibaya Review: 02 - 06 February 2015

08 February 2015
Isibaya Review: 02 - 06 February 2015 Image : 265

What a week of drama on Isibaya! Mbodla's suspicions were right about Mkabayi who's visit to Qondi was layered with an agenda, which was to figure out the chief's schedule and when he could be found alone.

Mandla did not lose heart with his quest to find Nkabinde who appeared almost out of nowhere and caught Mandla off-guard. Nkabinde made an offer that Mandla could not refuse; a start of of R20 000 to begin his work on making Mandla the most powerful man in eBhubesini. Although Mandla only pitched with R5000, he convinced Nkabinde to trust him and he began work.

Back in Johannesburg, Shadrack was very upset to have discovered that money was stolen from his safe. He addressed the taxi drivers angrily and advised that the culprit do the right thing by returning the money into the safe. Melusi, the culprit, acted clueless and Shadrack could not have suspected him. S'khaleni was upset that it was insinuated that he was the one responsible for the missing money. Melusi is seemingly making a habit out of stealing the money. Will he get caught?

Bhekumuzi almost got himself killed and as he fought for his life, Mkabayi's concern was whether the chief was dead or not. She seemed to be losing her mind as she frantically scrubbed her hands clean.

Could it be that Bhekifa is terrified at the prospect of someone wanting to kill him? He was very edgy after the shooting and Mandla's meeting with him did not go as expected and kaMajola wishes that Mandla could forget about Nkabinde's promises.

Will Melusi get caught stealing more money from Shadrack's safe? Will Mandla make headway with the chief eventually, as he rises to dominate in eBhubesini? Don't miss out on the drama this week; at 20:30, only on Mzansi Magic!

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