Isibaya: Queen of hearts

09 November 2015
Isibaya: Queen of hearts Image : 695
She may not have asked for it, but by virtue of marrying the chief, Qondi is now a queen, phecelezi, indlunkulu. That’s just how this rodeo goes. This has raised her profile amongst the community of Bhubesini quite considerably. As the leader of men, women and children alike, indlunkulu has huge shoes to fill.

That said, Qondi seems to be taking it in a rather courteous stride, enchanting her subjects with tenderness and goodwill, not to mention her dashing looks. She has the whole valley just besotted with her! They say every good leader brings out the best in others and an even better one, knows how to ask for help.

When Bhekifa called on her to find a personal assistant, as is expected of a queen, it all appeared unnecessary to her. Not only does she not need one, as she views it, she doesn’t want one. As if she needed more witnesses around when she made her secret phone calls and romantic trips with Fezile right?

She offered the job, rather unexpectedly, to Mam’Ruth. A lady from the valley, that she’d helped recently. While Mam’Ruth knows the valley of Bhubesini like the back of her hand, she can’t read or write.

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But alongside Sihle, as Zweli’s partner and a future ndlunkulu, MaKhanyi as an employee of the chiefs, Qondi’s idea is that they each unite as lead by example, as the strong women of royal house.

With KaMajola’s scornful ways, Sihle’s prickly side and Mam’ Ruth’s clear disadvantage, Is Qondi’s vision going to pan out?