Isibaya Preview: 20 - 24 October 2014

20 October 2014
It looks like all the action will be taking place at the valley this week.
Isibaya Preview: 20 - 24 October 2014 Image : 97

It seems all the action may be in the valley this week. How will the fact that the Zungus have both Sunday and Sengwayo's blood back, impact on Mgijimi's existence? Will Gogo Mkhithi be able to rid Mpiyakhe of the spell once and for all? And can the taxi stakeholders in the valley get to the bottom of what started the war?

So much to look forward to. Here's a snippet:

Monday, 20 October
Hope For A Husband
Bhekifa and Blade question the suspect. Mpiyakhe confronts Sunday.

Tuesday, 21 October
The Protector

Fezile protects Melusi from Mandla. Bhekifa confronts Goliath. News about Mambo gets around. Siphokazi finds out the truth.

Wednesday, 22 October
A Missing Limb

Mpiyakhe becomes ruthless. Evidence is delivered to Bhekifa. Qondi stands up for herself. Sunday is badly injured.

Thursday, 23 October
Goliath’s Secret

Mehlemamba’s mind messes with his thinking. Mpiyakhe seems sure about the cleansing. Goliath drops a shocker on Bhekifa.

Friday, 24 October
Testing The Truth

S’khaleni refuses to give Ntandane a helping hand. Gogo Mkhithi saves Mehlemamba. Mpiyakhe seems to have his confidence back.

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