Isibaya Preview: 11 - 15 August, 2014

11 August 2014
This week, a cleansing is being prepared for Qondi and Mpiyakhe is stopped from looking for Fezile while the chief worries about what Iris is up to.
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Last week saw Mbodla being shot by Blade just as he had a gun on Iris' throat. Mbodla's shenanigans infuriated the chief because he (Mbodla) had revealed a lot of his secrets to Iris. As if that was not enough, Qondi made a mess of an already sticky situation when she allowed Mgijimi into her bed.

Tempers flared when Fezile found Mpiyakhe in bed with Qondi the next morning. Though nothing had happened, as Qondi kept insisting, Fezile simply stormed out of the bedroom. The two were left confused and worried about Fezile's next move but if Qondi had it her way, she would have run after her man, but Mpiyakhe stopped her.

Let's take a look at what happens this week:

Monday, 11 August
Nowhere To Be Found

It seems Fezile is nowhere to be found. Pam reassures S’khaleni about his concerns. Zweli and Zanele make peace. Mkhithi reveals the truth to Mpiyakhe.

Tuesday, 12 August
Continued Search

A cleansing is being prepared for Qondi. Sunday inspires Samson. Mehl’mamba takes guard of the Zungu yard while the search continues. Zweli finds out a secret about his father.

Wednesday, 13 August
Saved By The Bell

Bhekifa has an unusual moment with Iris. Zweli gets a disturbing call. Qondi worries about Fezile.

Thursday, 14 August
New Alliances

Mpiyakhe is stopped from looking for Fezile. The chief worries about what Iris is up to. S’khaleni is accused of being unfaithful.

Friday, 15 August
In Fear

Qondi gets the courage to go talk to Fezile, but makes matters worse. The yard wonders about Fezile’s next move. S’khaleni fears for his life.

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