22 September 2016
Sphokazi suffers a huge loss when Thandi decided to keep Mthokozisi.

All she ever wanted was a baby of her own. A son or daughter to call her own. So when the rare opportunity showed up Sphokazi grabbed it and considered herself blessed. Finally, a chance to make her dreams come true.

Rare was, however, just the thing. They say if looks to good to be true, it likely is. When she met Thandi, a heavily expectant young girl who was at the brink of terminating the pregnancy, MaMthembu intervened and they both agreed that she’d take and raise the baby as her own as soon as Thandi gave birth.

Things went from good to great when they learned that Thandi was expecting twins. Sphokazi’s prayers were as good as answered.

But it all changed after Thandi went into labour and, sadly, lost one baby. It must be something about the maternal bond she had nurted with her unborn babies but the thought of losing another baby was unbearable. The girl simply had to keep Mthokozisi.

A blessing turned into a nightmare. All of the emotional interest that Sphokazi had vested in a new baby was slipping through her fingers.

Could Thandi have done things different? Did she have any control over how she would feel after labour? What does this mea for Sphokazi?

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