Isibaya: Mending Wall

16 August 2015
Isibaya: Mending Wall Image : 570

The construction of the road is going ahead, and all was in a celebratory mood, except Ndlovu, who was the last to find out that he wouldn't get the millions he had expected, and that he had been snubbed.
Things didn't get better for him at all, because Duma called him and made it clear to him that he of all people knew what Ndlovu was capable of, questioning the authenticity of Thandeka's visions. Duma issued a chilling threat; if Samson didn't make a cleaner attempt at reconciliation with his son, Duma would make sure he lost Sbu for good.

Bhekifa just refused to abort the mission to win Qondi over. He bought her a lavish gown and asked her to offer an address to the press and all in attendance at the official opening of the road. When he walked in on Qondi trying on the dress, he failed to rein himself in and tried to kiss her neck, prompting a strong reaction from Qondi, who persuaded Fezile to expedite the loboba negotiations so they could hurry up and get married.

Qondi's uncle, however, had his eyes set on higher things, refusing to co-operate because he wanted Qondi to turn her heart towards the chief, so the chief could turn his face towards them. Bhekifa found out about Qondi's engagement in the worst possible way, with MaNcwane poking and prodding him with her harsh words. He set a plan in motion to have MaNcwane killed, and even though Gogo Mkhithi saw it in a vision, blood was shed anyway.

Fathers and sons set out to mend wall, with Mpiyakhe and Jabu planning a reconciliation ceremony, where they would officially reestablish their relationship, and have the ancestors witness. Samson also made a ploy at getting his son back, with means not as honest. He roped in his wife to talk to Thandeka as a way of getting through to Sbu. He and Thandeka set off for Bhubesini, but will he talk to his father? Will he come home?