Isibaya: Lost for cause

21 January 2016
Isibaya: Lost for cause Image : 785

It wasn't long ago, Qondi sat on a throne not of her own making, a throne of thorns on which she was forced to sit, and smile, and lie. It was unfathomable to even think that she’d ever get her life back; she was as good as the chief’s personal prisoner. A prisoner of Bhekifa’s dangerously flawed brand of love. It was really her love for Fezile that made her sacrifice even more torturous.

Shivelry on the bridge

How could she give herself to another, other than Fezile? How could she ever be loyal to a man who forced her to turn against her own? It’s a wonder just how Bhekifa thought he could get away with building anything out of a bold faced lie.

Surely it goes deeper? While he may have fallen for Qondi, something makes us believe that it was more about destroying Mbulazi, who represented his great enemy Zungu. This is why, more than anything, he’d first empty his pockets out, throwing too much money into Nkabinde’s well of false hopes, before he caved into defeat at the hands of Zungu.

Shots fired

Ngubane’s also managed to alienate his closest allies. After selling his right hand hit man, Blade, a lie for all these years, was it another symptom of his corrupt power to take advantage of his own son’s fiancé?

Titan traitor

Using knowledge as his power, Zungu was able to leave Bhekifa undone and enter a war – that was inevitable – with an upper hand.

But there’s something dangerous about a man with all the money and nothing to lose? Can Bhekifa still win this?

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