Isibaya: Labour of love

30 August 2015
Isibaya: Labour of love Image : 592

What a difference a day makes! It wasn't long ago when Qondi was happily planning her wedding to Fezile. The delegation had been sent to her uncle and negotiations finalised, until one almost tragic day put a wrench in the works.

The mourners had gathered for Gogo Mkhithi's funeral, intent on giving her a fitting sendoff. Little did they know that Bhekifa had out his diabolical plan to annihilate the Zungus in motion. All he had to do was get Blade to send an sms, and the bomb in Gogo Mkhithi's coffin would detonate, and there would be bodies strewn all over the Zungu homestead.

Qondi was sent to the lodge to fetch a wreath of flowers, and there she found a murderous Bhekifa, who let her know her and the Zungus would feel the pain they caused him. In a desperate attempt to save the lives of her loved ones, a tearful Qondi begged Bhekifa not to detonate the bomb, confessing her love for him and vowing to marry him if only he would ditch his plan.

Her decision shocked everyone, causing Fezile the most pain. Qondi was not to return home. The lodge became her home, lobola cattle were sent to her uncle, and she became Bhekifa's betrothed. She couldn't make her family understand, and everbody suspected foul play.

Sbu Ndlovu has mended wall with his father, and a ceremony was performed to let the ancestors know.
Meanwhile, in the Zungu home, Mpiyakhe failed to make the reconciliation ceremony because he'd been held up by a greedy Ding-Ding at gunpoint at the lodge. Jabu saw it as a sign that he'd never be as important to his father and he was to him, and he left.