Isibaya: Homecoming

28 June 2015
Isibaya: Homecoming Image : 505
The chief Bhekifa is back in Bhubesini, and he wanted to slip in unannounced and unnoticed because of his fragile state. The eyes and ears of the lodge overheard Zweli tell his betrothed about his father's impending arrival and told Ngewedla, who organised the very welcome committee Bhekifa didn't want. He is far from recovered, but he certainly was strong enough to send a chilling warning to Samson Ndlovu to never cross me again, and certainly well enough to make Mbodla pay for letting his secrets slip. And pay he did, dearly. He was made to sing school choir songs while Bheifa amputated his baby toe with a pair of pliers.

Bhekifa's body may be bruised and weak, but his heart still beats wildly for Qondi, who enjoyed a weekend getaway with Fezile in Durban. It was made possible when Fezile and Bhekumuzi kidnapped Skhakhane to delay the trial at the council. Fearing for his life and under duress, Skhakhane committed to paying child maintenance to the amount of R3 000 until his last child was out of school.

Things are not at all rosy in Protea Glen. Tensions are at an all time high between Thandeka and Jabu, Thandeka and Sbu, and Jabu and Lerato. Jabu feels like a virus that destroys everything he touches, but his sister refuses to give up on him. Sbu wants Jabu out of the house and even regrets buying the Manzini house because he feels powerless in it. Gogo Mkhithi arrived to try to rehabilitate Jabu through some unconventional means, and he seemed to be doing well, until a phone call from Shadrack to Mpiyakhe set the cat amongst the pigeons. Mpiyakhe is livid that drugs were found in his house again, and that Jabu allegedly attacked Lerato, and wanted to come to Jo'burg immediately.

Jabu decided to leave the house and not give his father an opportunity to beat and humiliate him, but Thandeka was not about to let her brother on the streets alone. She packed her bags and was prepared to leave with him. It was all up to Sbu to calm Manzini down and prevent his arrival, which would stop his wife and her brother from leaving.