Isibaya: Game of thrones

10 February 2016
Isibaya: Game of thrones Image : 820
This week Sihle woke up bright and early to some awful news. Zweli has packed his sacks and left the building, left isigodi and left town. Just as the royal court, council and community at large put the final nail in the chief’s coffin and prepared to swear in their new leader, Zweli made the decision to abscond the throne and the duties that saddled it.

In a series of goodbye-letters, Zweli expresses how he feels led astray by his late father and needs to create his own path, free from the scandal and shame. Because according to him, this is the legacy that Bhekifa has left.


The news came as a shock to all. But there’s a sense that it was more a pleasant surprise for the likes of Solomzi and Ngwebedla. These two were never fans of the chief’s son anyways, viewing him as a weakling more than their new leader. If they weren’t undermining his decisions and abducting him, they were plotting to overthrow him behind his back.


But what did this mean for Qondi? Without a chief she, as the queen, would have to take up the throne. Now we all know that this is the very last thing that she wants. Already fed up with keeping up the pretense, her patience is wearing thinner by the day. She may just have to put up with the lie for a lot longer.

In the meantime, the Zungus are busy combing out the kinks of a strategy to keep a lid on their involvement in the chief’s killing and free Qondi all the while, making sure that nothing leads back to isizwe soManzini. They are on the right path, but there’s still the matter of Sunday Nkabinde to straighten out.

Old enemies

Can they go up against Nkabinde and his witchcraft?

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