Isibaya: Fathers and daughters

11 October 2015
Isibaya: Fathers and daughters Image : 655
This week Zungus daughters saw flames, just when they thought they had things under control. Ngapha uThandeka is facing great difficulties in her marriage noSbu while young Thokozani, on the other side of the world, is coming of age and has some tough lessons to learn.

Just out of a hair-raising tough time with the ‘Don situation’, Thandek and Sbu’s union was out to the test, yet again. This time it was in the form of uSamson walking in to burst their bubble.

While marrying Sbu was an act of defying love, she could never forgive uGatsheni for what he did to her own father, trying to turn him into his own zombie-slave through the most frightening methods of witchcraft. Facing him again, in her father’s house that he sold to them, was tantamount to betrayal.

Kodwa bathi unzima umendo! Will she survive his stay? Naye uSamson is not going to make it easy for her, with his own point to prove.

Back KwaManzini, Thokozani is growing into a young girl as we see her fall for her first crush. They exchange music with the boy, who’s name is Chippa. She enjoys the fact that they both like music as she shows off about her big shot brother ‘DJ Jabz’. Soon enough however, he start showing his true colours pressurizing her into sex. The lass stands up for herself but ends up taking matters into her own hands.

Mpiyakhe gives her some pearls of wisdom, encouraging her never to blame herself for a boys bad behaviour. He also makes it crystal clear, that he’s daughters are not to be messed with!