Isibaya: Cover blown!

07 December 2015
Isibaya: Cover blown! Image : 739
In a world of power struggles, deceit, secrecy and scandal are the order. This is what makes loyalty such a rare thing, but a gem above all else. Nqobile did what all investigative journalists do. She found an ‘in’; a seemingly harmless reason to get to know Mpiyakhe.

She went on to gain his friendship and finally, trust, when she helped him find Thandeka when she was abducted by a drug cartel, not so long ago. She continued to reel him when she approached him to be the key figure in a book she was commissioned to write on the taxi industry.

When Mpiyakhe finally agreed to it, blinded perhaps by a crush he may’ve been developing on her, she arrived eBhubesini with a whole other agenda. An agenda that Mkabayi could smell a mile away.

Not only did Mkabayi expose her as someone not to be trusted, an imposter, it turns out the real reason for her investigations could bring an arch enemy of the Zungus, down. Mkabayi’s sharp nose and prickly cynicism truly transcended the legend as she rouses a whole lot of questions in Mpiyakhe.

Could Nqobile be a spy? But who sent her?

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