Isibaya: Cold war

04 October 2015
Isibaya: Cold war Image : 648
It looks like we need to find our hiding places with all the shots being fired here. From the loveless forced marriage of Qondisile neNkosi uBhekifa to the troubled one of young lovebirds Sbu noThandeka. Kushubile impela!

The titan uMbulazi mended his wound, rose to his strong feet and soldiered out of his self pity back home kwaManzini. And boy did he receive a warm welcome. But sadly, what makes the Zungu’s happy doesn’t make everyone happy. UNgubane bekungathi engahlephula amathambo when Lekalakala broke the news of Fezile’s return.

He proceeded to show his infamous bitter streak - the side of him we’ve come to know (and love!) – when, in a meeting with uMpiyakhe noFezile, he yanked his new wife to his side and showed her off, rubbing salt in the fresh wound.

Later on Lekalakala crept up behind uMbulazi threatening war. Ibhutho told him, in his ever calm and collected way, to bring it on!

Ngapha uThandeka and Sbu are at opposite ends of what seems like a war of words – especially after Friday night’s episode. Boy did they go at it, with Thandeka bringing up old wounds. Hhayi usisi stood up for herself. But will their young love survive this?

And how far with Bhekifa go to make sure that he comes out on top?

Forget ducking all the shots, we need to pull a chair, pop the popcorn and watch the drama unfold right before our eyes.

Don’t miss it next week!