Isibaya: Bullet to the heart

23 November 2015
Isibaya: Bullet to the heart Image : 721

A war isn’t a war until an innocent is brought in as bait and a there are casualties. The blameless become perfect bait for in feuds that aren’t of their own making. That’s the tragedy of war. When Thandeka and Sbu are hauled into what began as another one of Mandlenkosi’s exploits for a buck, things take a turn for the horrific.

But can anyone ever be blameless? Faced with a pack of drugs the decision was easy for Sbu: he needed to get rid of them because that was the right thing to do. Driven by a strong sense of principle and a tendency toward naivety, Sbu set the drugs to paraffin and fire with little understanding that it was really his whole life that he was reducing to ashes, much less the narcotics.

Thandeka may be blameless but the girl isn’t quite as innocent any more. On the night of her abduction, she had just come back from a date with Don and as they were about to part, she gifted him with a goodnight kiss. Tired from laboring away at her stalemate of a marriage with Sbu, she let go of her worries and fell into Don’s tender embrace. Can you blame her? Did that bad deed beckon the next one?

Things have come tumbling down as a cloud of bad luck hung over everything. Jabu and Iris are dragged out as hostages alongside Thandeka while Mgijimi – the wild alter ego that was planted inside of Sengwayo thanks to Gatsheni witchcraft - may be roused in Mpiyakhe. But worst of all Sbu is caught in the line of fire.

Then again, could all of these bad things be sent as omens from Bhekifa’s sorcery with Nkabinde?

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