Isibaya: A slippery slope

30 November 2015
Isibaya: A slippery slope Image : 731
It’s easier getting hooked on drugs than it is to unhook yourself. When Jabu finally kicked his crack habit and broke free of the environment that fed it, could he have ever understood that there was no real escape from that world? A world that continues to hang heavy on him like balls and chains on his feet.

Not only did he have to deal with Juice, as a figure of his past, who came back to haunt him and pull him back into that world, but Pope, as Juices successor, krept into the picture to make sure the drug dealing show goes right on.

Since then there, Jabu has seen one heinous act of violence after another. Some in which he was the perpetrator and others, not quite. The most sinister of them all being the abduction of Thandeka by a mandrax cartel, led by a Scandinavian gangster type named Skhova.

In a bid to help find his sister, Jabu called on his new partner Pope. Pope was able to help by using his far reaching connections into the dark world of drugs. But this kind of help came with a price tag.

Jabu couldn’t believe it when Mix, who caused the whole abduction, knocked on Club Sheba’s door with an offer to do business. Soon enough however, Mix revealed himself to be a fraud, earning himself a stab in the back from Jabu.

Several killings, an abduction and a cross-fire down the road, will Jabu stay sane? Will his conscience allow him to?

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