Isibaya: A battle for ownership

18 October 2015
Isibaya: A battle for ownership Image : 662
When Thandeka and Sbusiso married one another it was because of love and nothing. They launched with their hearts, paying little mind to the issue of their warring families. Star crossed lovers, the only thing that made sense was being together and living happily ever after. They certainly didn’t forsee what it all came with.

This week while Sbu’s father had asked to stay over during his visit eGoli he ended bringing the whole family; Kamajola and Mandla included. Now this shouldn’t have been a problem, in any other family, but all Thandeka could think was how could she let uGatsheni, the very man who’d held her father hostage and under a spell of Nkabinde’s deadly witchcraft; how could she even bare to live under the same roof as that man?

Bathi kunzima emendweni!

Ngapha Sbu has to straddle appeasing his wife and appearing respectable to his family. In a heated argument when Thandeka blurts out that the house still belonged to her father since he hadn’t finished paying it off. Oh no she didn’t!

Oh yes she did!

Samson, disappointed in his son, tells him to stop living a lie in another man’s house and come back home to build his own home in the land of his ancestors.

Is this too tough an obstacle for Sbu and Thandeka’s young marriage to over come?