Isibaya: A bag of motivation

05 July 2015
Isibaya: A bag of motivation Image : 513
A older brother's love and affection is priceless, and Melusi was enjoying spending quality time with Jabu, bonding over music, until an unwelcome visitor reigned on his parade. To keep an eye on Jabu, MaNcwane sent his childhood friend and fellow beatmaker Mdu to Protea Glen. No sooner had he arrived did they start to rekindle their bond, spending time that had belonged exclusively to Melusi, and he felt slighted.

Not one to give up easily, he devised a dangerous plan to get his brother's attention back. When Jabu suffered a creative stagnation and remarked that he needed a bag of motivation, Melusi somehow organised a small bag of marijuana and snuck it into Jabu's bag. The motivation worked and his creative juices started flowing again, creating a track that impressed Mandelic. Jabu and Melusi crossed a dangerous line. Where will it end up?

Duma has always been loyal to Sibusiso, and that loyalty didn't suffer when Sbu and his father became estranged. Determined to see Sbu back on his feet after a robbery at his kiosk, he put on his detective's hat to find out who did it. What he discovered was shocking. Bongani, under duress, confessed that he and Samson Ndlovu were behind it. Dumaa paid Samson a visit to let him know he knew. Samson admitted he was behind it, and that all he was doing was crippling the cub so it limps back to the lion. No limping was necessary as hero Duma delivered to Sbu's hands a Styrofoam container filled with cold hard cash. Enough to settle his sizeable rental debt and then some. And just in the nick of time, ans his stall was under threat of being closed.

Back in Bhubesini, Qondi is caught between a rock and a hard place. Bhekifa is back, and his affections towards her haven't cooled at all, and he's making that very clear to Qondi, declaring to her that he thought of her every day when he was in the hospital, and he missed her. See the video below:

Qondi was clearly uncomfortable with the chief's attentions, and Fezile started to notice that something was amiss. Pressing her for information on what was bothering her, she kept lying, insisting everything was fine. Needing some advice, she confided in Siphokazi, who took matters into her own hands, making a very cautious and awkward attempt that dissuading Bhekifa from pursuing Qondi. See it below:

Realising that Bhekifa was not going to stop his pursuit, Siphokazi advised Qondi to quit her job, and that she'd have to choose between the man she loves and the job she loves.

Upon overhearing a conversation between Siphokazi and Mancwane in which Siphokazi revealed that Bhekifa had been stalking Qondi, a furious Fezile contronted Qondi, whose defense was that she's scared to tell Fezile some things because hos answer would always involve cocking his gun. Siphokazi reassured Fezile of Qondi's love for him, which softened him, and he committed to trying less violent approaches to solving problems. In turn, Qondi reassured him that he's the only man she'll ever love, and the lovers found themselves in each others' arms. But what will happen when Bhekifa intensifies his pursuit?