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24 January 2019
Before you flaunt your gift make sure the basics are covered!

They say the best fix for anxiety is thorough preparation so we've rounded up all the essential information & top tips you need to put your mind at ease.


Lock down the essentials! (Date, Time, Venue, What To Bring, What To Sing)

Don't leave planning till the last minute because you'll be scattered and anxious when it comes time to perform. In each city, things will kick off around 7am in the morning but there are going to be long queues so we'd advise getting to the venue as early as possible! Bring your ID book, passport or any other form of official identification so you can sign up.

It's also going to be a long day so bring lots of water to stay hydrated as well as food or snacks so you can keep your energy levels up for when it's time to audition! We've got an extensive breakdown of anything else you need to know in order to prepare here. Now for the Audition!


Know your range and your limits beloved...

Please don't try to do the most when you've only got one shot. The stakes are too high for you to gamble. Furthermore, there'll be tonnes of gruelling rehearsals to follow should you succeed & head to Theatre Week so you have to learn to look after your instrument & sing with proper technique.


Be confident... not cocky

There's not a single icon dead or living who is a bore to watch on stage. Though this is formally termed an audition what you're really looking to do is entertain! BRING IT, even if you slip up. One missed note won't ruin a performance but showing how devastated you are by the mistake will. Even Beyonce makes mistakes boo boo.

All this considered, balance is key. Don't be condescending, rude or pompous. Every legend you know has had to work with a team & take instruction to get where they are. Work hard and stay gracious, and you'll get far.


Don't over-rehearse at the last minute

If you're reading this you're supposed to have your audition song prepped already. Your vocal folds are a muscle like any other in the body ie: you need to work them out thoroughly to strengthen them long before you push them to their limits. You are preparing for a marathon. Don't do all your warm-ups and practice in the week of the audition.



One of the worst things you could do is miss-out on rest because the first thing to go when you're sleep deprived is your pitch. The most amazing tone in the world won't matter if you're flat and what's worse is you won't be able to hear it and adjust. If need be, sneak in a power nap when you get the chance. Trust us, it can do absolute wonders.


Make friends and stay positive.. the competition hasn't started yet.

There's no need to come out guns blazing just yet. Be kind to everyone you meet because this means as much to them as it does to you. Don't wreck their one chance to flourish by breaking their spirit. Join jam sessions, exchange jokes and laugh with the other hopefuls (just mind that voice neh?).

If you're more introverted, make time to calm your mind & reflect on the task at hand. Your voice is connected to every other part of your body. If you are anxious & tense it'll show in how you sing. If you are relaxed, happy and having fun, so will everyone else watching you.

That's it from us folks! Where are you auditioning this season and what inspired you to come through? Tweet us using #IdolsSA and we'll RT the best responses.

The details for Idols SA Season 15 Auditions are as follows: PRETORIA: 26 January 2019 at The State Theatre,  DURBAN: 9 February 2019 at the North Beach Amphitheatre, JOHANNESBURG: 16 February 2019 at the Ellis Park Arena, CAPE TOWN: 2 March 2019 at the Century City Convention City

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