How to deal with difficult vendors

05 November 2015
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We all witness how angry Busi got when Shady Cheikh gave her the runaround and eventually let her down on Sunday's episode of Our Perfect Wedding. Not everybody is what they say they are on their pamphlets, and not all wedding vendors show integrity. Some working relationships can be strained because you're incompatible. Here are tip son dealing with difficult wedding vendors.

Not everyone has the same preferred communication style.
Does one wedding vendor always seem to call you when you’re at work? Let this person know how you would prefer to communicate. Be up front in the process with this person because the sooner you let them know, the easier your relationship will be. Keep in mind certain agreements you made with them: does this vendor have certain office hours? or do they not respond to text messages from clients? Keep those in mind, so you can build a great relationship with this person.

Not everyone is as organized as you might want.
Ah, yes…this dreaded one! As a wedding planner, I often have to remind myself that it’s my job to be organized and on top of everything. That’s not the case for everyone especially when it comes to the more creative vendors. Did they miss a deadline? Did they not respond within 24hours to an email? Unfortunately, this can be a little more common than you might like. Try to be as patient as possible. Communicate your wishes and concerns. Are you waiting on a floral proposal because you want to compare it to another designers? Let that vendor know; they’ll be way more likely to make it happen by the deadline to ensure you book them!

Talk it out on the phone
Did some vendor really upset you or maybe you feel your annoyance starting to rise? Set up a time to chat on the phone. It’s so easy in our digital age to take emails a certain way when the person writing them doesn’t mean any harm. It’s better to talk it out on the phone openly, so you can hear the vendor’s voice and inflection.

Your vendors are real people, too.

During your wedding, you’ll be working with a lot of small business owners. Men and women who are the creator, the accountant, the secretary and more. We work long hours, and most of the time, need more than 24hours in the day! It’s important to keep in mind that we don’t have customer service hours like your bank or your cable company. There isn’t a vendor I know that doesn’t bend over backwards to help their clients, so if that person answers in 36hours instead of 24, know that they only have good intentions.

Hire a wedding planner.

Aside from the many other reasons to hire a wedding planner, one of the greatest benefits is we can cut out a lot of the back and forth that goes on between a vendor and client which is often when patience levels decrease.

If it’s really not working, sever your ties.
Sometimes, it’s just not working. Maybe you realize your style doesn’t match or this person continually goes weeks without responding to your emails and calls. Let this person know you would like to terminate the agreement. It’s not worth the added stress for you in the long run especially with so many amazing vendors who provide wonderful customer service.

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