How NOT to audition for Idols SA

19 July 2017
We’re giving you a leg up on the competition

Tired of assaulting your shower walls mercilessly with your soprano and now feel like it’s time to spread your wings and take your talents to the people? Here’s how not to do it. Please.

Come prepared. Always

Look, anything can happen. You will wake up, prep a song that your family sings at family functions and before you know it, your audition will have turned into a movie shoot and you will be the bewildered voice singing a movie score no one told you about. Don’t play yourself. Stay ready.

You don’t have to play an instrument if you can’t

Not everyone can be Alicia Keys, John Legend or Aretha Franklin - and it’s really ok. Truly. No one will beat you or penalize you for it. What if we told you your fabulous singing voice is all you need to take you from obscurity to superstardom?

KNOW how to spell

You don’t have to be the reigning spelling bee champion of anything or anywhere. Afterall, life has dealt us all very different cards. That’s ok. But, if you’re going to sing a song that requires you to spell out something or other, please make an effort to at least get it right. Please. Practice if you have to. PS - Love is L.O.V.E, not L.O.E.V, Wade.


Leave the toys at home

We’re truly happy that your hobbies have won your entire heart. However, on Idols SA, your voice is all we need. Literally. Your doll collection is a distraction no one needs. Also, wire cars? Do NOT bring wire cars to your audition. You might also, maybe, not want to lay on the ground and sing, while pushing said wire car.


No matter how much fire and passion you bring to your audition (it is appreciated, by the way) you need to be audible. We need to hear all the wonderful things you’re saying.

With all of this said, we appreciate each and every person that walks through the doors of our Audition Room, good and not-so-great.

Don't forget, after the audition phase, you will be able to select your favourite Wooden Mic finalists, so watch all the videos on our site and we’ll open the bidding for your favourite when it's time.

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