How Cape Town celebrated!

14 July 2017
15 hopefuls bagged golden tickets in the Mother City and they couldn't have been happier to learn the news!

With Idols now in its 13th Season, we've seen time and again how only the most talented and tenacious get far in this competition. The joy on the faces of our successful auditionees this past Sunday was a testament to how tough it was to win the Judges over. Theatre week will see the stakes raised even higher but that's just more reason to celebrate and cherish the first and most important victory! Here's how our Golden Ticket recipients reacted to the wonderful news that they'd be going through. 


Though she's only 16 years old, Paxton wowed everyone listening with a tone, depth and degree of control far beyond her years! Once she'd gotten the good news however, she was just like a kid again. Heartwarming to watch.



It's scary enough auditioning the first time but returning to try again can be particularly nerve-wrecking. Not only have the Judges already heard your potential but in some cases, they've even decided to let you go at a more advanced stage of the competition. Marcé took that challenge head on so she's got every right to jump for joy!


Cher adlibbed her way through Beyonce's verse of "Runnin" impressing the judges as much with her looks as she did her voice. While Randall might have held back she still got her golden ticket and let it be known that she was psyched about the opportunity!


Taking on a Christina Aguilera song is typically a no-no for any important audition but Nolitha proved that she's got the range! "The sign of a great musician is one that evokes emotion . . " Unathi said after she was slaying our Judges! Watching her scream with glee surrounded by her friends was the icing on the cake!

The gentlemen holding it down for Cape Town 

The ladies definitely outshined the gents in Cape Town this year with Aphiwe, Ricky and Morne becoming the only guys repping their city! Given that there were hundreds of other men in attendance, accomplishing that is definitely cause to celebrate!

This Sunday it's time to do it all again and we'll be hittng up the lovely city of Pretoria! It's pretty clear the ladies are here to slay this year and they already outnumber the gents 4:1 so it'll be interesting to see if a little ground can be recovered. Whose victory dance got you all warm and fuzzy inside? Let us know, down delow.

Idols SA airs on Mzansi Magic (DStv Channel 161) every Sunday at 17:30

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