Hot Plate: How to choose a caterer

14 April 2015
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If you plan to throw a 21st birthday party, baby shower or engagement party, who would you choose to do the catering at your event; Jangco or Mankomo?

The caterer you choose will either make or break your event. The experience they give your guests will either make your event memorable, or one they’d rather forget.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a caterer. Here are some of them:

1. Word-of-mouth recommendations
The best form of advertising is still and always will be word of mouth. If a friend or colleague has had a positive experience with a caterer, it’s positive advertising for that caterer they haven’t paid for; and from somebody you know and trust, so you know it’s sincere.

2. Ask for references
It’s not enough to trust a caterer’s catalogue or pictures; ask them for a list of names and contact details of past clients so you can do your research. If a caterer refuses to give you references, that could be a red flag. They may know that they may not get a glowing recommendation.

3. Schedule a tasting
Chakalaka on the picture may not be such great tasting chakalaka in your mouth! Never trust a picture or list of ingredients to give you an indication as to the quality or taste of the food. It’s essential that a caterer cook the food for you to taste and satisfy yourself that you and your guests will enjoy it.

4. Consider your budget
Before you decide to call up an expensive hotel's head chef, ask yourself if you have the budget for an expensive hotel's head chef. The money you’re working with will narrow down your choices so you don’t waste your time or overspend. You know who you CANNOT call for a tasting with your money in pocket.

5. Get a quotation
Hand in hand with the point above, a caterer’s quotation will let you know whether or not you can afford them. If a caterer’s quotation is above what you can afford, find another one. Conversely, if the quotation seems too good to be true, chances are the quality of the food will disappoint you. The ingredients may not be fresh, or the portions may be too small; or it may appear on your guests’ plate and be very different from what the catalogue showed.

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