Hot Plate: All's well that ends well

02 June 2015
Hot Plate: All's well that ends well Image : 477
The day Mankomo had been waiting and planning furiously for had finally arrived. After asking, begging, and even haggling Jangco and the jag lady Thabisile for help, he was finally realising his dream of throwing the senior citizens a lunch, as a way to pay homage to his own grandmother who had raised him. Things, however, did not go according to plan. The day started off on a sour note when Mankomo was over and hour late to meet Jag Lady at the home to start preparations; his excuse being that the organised transport let him down. It all just went downhill from there.

Out of the frying pan into the fire. Things rook a turn for the worst when Mankomo revealed that he still hadn't bought the supplies for the gift packs he meant to give to the senior citizens. Jag Lady couldn't hide her annoyance, but she didn't give up and walk out on him. Leaving knives and aprons behind, they left for the shopping trip, leaving a fuming Dinah behind worried that they elders wouldn't eat at their usual 1 o'clock time.

But in the end, despite the event looking to be an immense failure, it all worked out. Mankomo managed to placate everybody who was angry with him, and still cooked a va-va-voom meal for the senior citizens, which they savoured. With the help of Jangco, Jag Lady and Gerliki, whose forebearance must be commended, Mankomo pulled off a successful event.

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