Help us with the heavyweight hashtags! – Love Island SA

03 March 2021
There’s just no escaping it: for better or worse, the #LoveIslandSA hashtag has been all over social media since Sunday. But now that it’s being joined by new tags like #FreshMeat, we want you to get involved!
Ian pumps iron

Some of these hashtags are glaringly obvious – if not too subtle. The imminent arrival of Xavier (we swear: he’s caught that train outta Cape Town!) was accompanied in a text with two phrases: #FreshMeat and #GirlsOnTop (‘cause, you know, the girls will be treating the new arrival…).

Seeing as though Summer has never been in a relationship, her name is ripe for some #SummerLoving, surely? It’ll happen so fast… Just like #TheWineIntervention!

Durang’s name is also ripe for reappraisal – as this stage, #DurangDidWrong (or #DurangIsInTheDung) would not be far off!

And names like Jay, Millie and Asad might spark some heavy lifting in your heads. So, spill them – let’s spread this #FreshMess all around!

Head on over to the Love Island SA Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and use the principal #LoveIslandSA hashtag – and any others that stroke your fancy.

We don’t have prizes, but we can possibly score R100 from our producer or narrator…