Has Linda gone too far? – Housekeepers

11 December 2018
Thabang nearly dies. Did Linda frame Ntate Max? Staaaap Linda!
linda gone too far housekeepers mzansi

We know Linda will do anything to make sure her mother is remembered as a dedicated nurse and not a murder. We also know that she will risk it all to get her revenge on the Zwides and get her rightful access to the Zwide estate. But has she gone too far for her cause?

Linda may be of the school of people who believe the end justifies the means. However, Thabang came close to dodging bullets at the Zwide house just last week to get the money and jewellery in the safe to pay for Mtho’s operation. Is Linda still a woman on a mission or a woman who has completely lost the plot and regard for her life?

Now, an innocent Ntate Max has been arrested for a crime he did not commit. While Thabang and Linda were Bonnie and Clyde at the Zwide house getting away with money and jewellery, Ntate Max was enjoying an intimate date with Sis Maria. However, the Zwide’s are convinced the crime was committed by Ntate Max because the security company says his code was used.



This begs the question – Did Linda frame Ntate Max? Could she be that ruthless? Hav the Zwide’s pushed her so far she inadvertently became one of them?

It is easy to believe Linda would do anything to get her way – she has already risked her relationship by getting close with Peter and twice had her family shot at. There may be a flaw in her perfect plan however: Ntate max has an alibi. He had an all-night date with Sis Maria. Will Maria prove to be a credible alibi for him?

What will it take for Linda to stop? The Zwides will have to fall!

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