Gugu & Thandayi

21 July 2017
Gugu and Thandayi are cousins, but they’re so close, they consider each other siblings. If they were to win the million, it would go towards a food truck that would be the go-to eatery for hungry university students across South Africa.
Terri & Thandayi

I Joined KFC Taste Kitchen Because...

Thandayi: I’m a great cook, and wanted to show my skills off to the world.

When Did You Discover Your Passion for Cooking?

Gugu: After my gran passed away, and my cousin taught me to cook.

Thandayi: I was very young; I think around 14 years of age.

What Is Your Favourite Food on the KFC Menu?

Gugu: The Zinger wings.

Thandayi: There’s a lot, but what stands out are the Sprinkle Pops, the Dunked Wings, and of course, the original recipe chicken.

Describe Your Perfect Kitchen/Cooking Space

Gugu: Open plan kitchen.

Thandayi: Open plan and big enough for me to see all my guests as I cook, and it must have everything. 

Words to Live By:

Gugu: Take it one day at a time.

Thandayi: “Relax, it’s my hands now” - God