Greed And Desire: Good guy finishes last

19 May 2016
After all it took to run away from his malicious brother, Morakile is back where he started.
Greed And Desire: Good guy finishes last Image : 969

After all it took to run away from his malicious brother, Morakile is back where he started. Accept, everything is worse. While he was away, Maru led a crafty smear campaign, dragging his name through the mud with all sorts of lies, in order to protect himself.

Watching Maru get away with cold blooded murder weighed much to heavily on him. Unlike Maru, Morakile had a conscience. The thing that convicts us to do good, have a heart. But in a world where bad often wins, Morakile’s conscience has landed him in a whole lot of danger.

He still, however, has stuck to his guns. As tough as it’s already been. If Maru and his dirty cop crony Kenny, had their way, Morakile would be a goner, surely by now. But something has kept him around.

After what happened the first time Kenny found him at Nqobile’s BnB - when the ghost of Bonngoe obstructed Kenny, tossing his firearm in the air so that Morakile could escape in time – Morakile was convinced Ntate was the guardian angel watching over him. He also believed that Bonngoe’s spirit was the force that led him to Nqobile in the first place.

Sadly however, she would be the only one who could help him. No one else. Not the cops, and not even his own mother, who was his very last hope. But when he showed up at her door, Maru had already done a stellar job discrediting him the eyes of others. It was already too late.

Morakile’s mom sold him out after finding it hard to believe him, especially after Thakane’s warning and their own fraught history.

In the end, if he looked and sounded like criminal, it seemed enough for the Makhethas, who’d been told only bad things about the adopted son.

But he was the good guy. Was there a way out?

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