Greed And Desire: Cat, mouse and bull terrier

30 June 2016
Maru is a man with a lot to hide and even more riding on it.
Greed And Desire: Cat, mouse and bull terrier Image : 1007
Maru is a man with a lot to hide and even more riding on it. As the new leader of the Makhetha empire, it certainly didn’t come easy. But it also, in the same breath, was far from a noble pursuit.

For this ruthless guy, the means have had to justify the ends and, after throttling his own father to death to loot heirship, it’s become a steep slippery slope of one horrific deed after another to get what he wants.

This makes Maru a dangerous man and Nqobile learned this the hard way when she walked blindly into his trap the other day.

Having found what she needed Nqobile was ready to end her contract with Thakane. But it was too late. Maru was already onto her. Onto the fact that she had lied about her intentions and, more importantly, onto the fact that she was the contemptible Nthatisi; the illegitimate half sibling to whom Ntate was going to hand over the entire Makhetha empire.

This small-town girl was indeed his biggest enemy. For all he knew, she was here to pull the wool from under his feet and run off with his legacy.
So fight he would. But as dangerous a man as he was, he was also a target. Many knew his secret. And because of that he was always at the brink of losing everything. He needed an ally who would vouch for him through thick and thin. And who better than Sharon D?

Up till now Tselane’s been his ride-or-die. But after selling him out to the late Princess O, her loyalty’s been a question. Maru also made countless empty promises to her so he can’t be trusted either. They both needed Sharon D to put things into perspective.

This mama has vested interests, and where she lays her eggs let no man, woman or princess come in between. Now she’s headed for Nqobile and Sibahle. Should they fear for their lives?

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