Giving up and giving in

31 July 2017
Noxolo seeks the only way out she can see, Winnie will not give up on Lebone and Thishiwe gives in to Casper.
isthunzi giving up and giving in

There is nothing quite lke Ninja Monday. If you love this girl squad, you know that at the beginning of the week at 8pm they will be taking you on an emotional rollercoaster. Can the ninjas comes to Nox's rescue before it is too late? Will Lebone ever hear Winnie out? How long can Anele and Londi keep their secret? Will Thishiwe's mom finally be safe?


There is a reason Winnie is the ninjas ringleader - she never ever gives up. In season 1 she had the perfect meet and greet planned for her and the love of her life. However, it was just not meant to be.

Winnie is not someone who leaves her destiny to fate. With her friend Gash, she tricked Lebone into a meet and greet. Although it did not go well, she now has a door to the love of her life. Will Winnie ever get her happily ever after with Lebone?ย 


The ninja closest to having her happily ever after is Londi. It would all be perfect if it didn't have to be a secret. Her love with Anele grows in leaps and bounds but is threatened by a homophobic community. Will Anele and Londi ever get to be together freely?


There could be no greater happiness than finding out your loving mother is alive after the community tried to kill her. However, Thishiwe's happiness hangs by a thread with her mother having to be forever on the run. Now that she has escaped Phelumoya, will she finally be free? Has she narrowly escaped death again? Or will it all come crumbling down again?ย 


The ninjas in the darkest time of her life is Noxolo. With her mother gone, Noxolo has no one but the ninjas and Winnie's aunt to fight for her life. However, has she ended her short life too soon? Is Noxolo still alive?ย 

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