Giving Thanks

23 June 2017
Gratefulness is the stronghold of the Mseleku house. From Thanx Ma to thanking MaMkhulu.
uThando Nesthembu giving thanks

The Mselekus have grown on all of Mzansi to become the African family loved most. The happiness of the family and the sisterhood among the wives, although with all its challenges, is something to be commended.ย 

The Mselekus have given many reasons as being the secret to their happy home, theย reason being their ability to discuss issues and resolve arguments with communication. The biggest reason however, may be their ability to live in gratefulness and to always give thanks.ย 

In the very beginning of the season, Musa Mseleku let us into the reasons he and his family has been blessed with wealth and happiness. Mthombeni shared the story of how he took care of his ailing mother in her old age, making sure she wanted for nothing, and she spoke a blessing over his life that now manifests itself in the Mseleku house.ย 

Musa shows gratitude to his mother and her blessing by having all the number plates for his cars written ThanxMa.ย 

This week again, the Mselekus gave us insight into their commitment to giving thanks. Mayeni, MaKhumalo and MaNgwabe are planning a surprise party to thank MaCele for allowing them into her home to build the home Musa had envisioned. In that spirit of gratefulness, Musa suggested that the family give thanks to the Mseleku ancestors first.ย 

The entire family was present for the ceremony to give thanks, warming Mzansi hearts.ย 

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